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Versatility, charisma, a visceral understanding of music and sure-fire instinct for an audience’s sentiment – these features make Simone Anés one the most popular DJanes worldwide. No surprise there, because Simone, both DJane and producer, brings Progressive and Vocal House into accordance. Her driving beats electrify both small and big clubs, amaze at fashion events or during hot ’n heavy party nights, from Skopje/Macedonia to Cannes, from Singapore to New York. Her contagious energy and obvious love for music itself turns every single gig into a sublime experience and endows her sound with a unique and unforgettable impact.

Still a child, she discovers her great passion. Music lessons and singing education become part of life. Her older brother finally gets her in touch with New York house label Strictly Rhythm, which later enters history books as the most successful of its kind. During the Nineties, Simone joins the Techno movement, as so many adolescents do. But her interest in music digs deeper, the craft of DJ’ing inspires and thrills her. The ability to create ecstatic atmosphere and blissful frisson stirs up an undying fascination within her.

Simone’s adventure of communicating with music begins in 2003. Using the stage name “Betty Booo”, she celebrates her amazing debut at a Munich House club – to outstanding response, instantly making Simone the talk of the town. Immediately her name spills over into other European countries. Her new name, that is. Now calling herself Simone Anés, she’s touring through Romania and Canada, gets signed as resident at Zay’s parties in San Francisco and Los Angeles, energizes the Cartoon yacht parties heading for Mallorca, Ibiza, London, Mykonos, Crete, St. Tropez and Capri, and is regularly heard in Venice and Florence. During her gigs, each unique and lasting several hours, she downright becomes an embodiment of music itself. With her passionate sets, quite often unexpectedly enriched by her strong voice, the educated singer casts a spell over men and women alike.

As well the change of name from Betty Booo to Simone Anés heralds the dawning of a new phase in her career. With her first release, “Where I Belong” from label Ministry Of Sound/Germany in 2007, she succeeds in becoming a producer. Beyond that, she launches her own party series “Glam as Usual” in 2008, dazzling audiences in Hong Kong, New York, Indonesia, Bombay, Singapore, Bangkok, Dubai and all over Europe ever since.

Being a representative of company Bling My Thing, Simone Anés wears headphones refined with genuine Swarovski crystals, driving home that fact that this lady not only sets the benchmark musically. Vodka manufacturer Oval also appreciates the popularity of global player Anés and makes smart use of it, promoting the Swarovski Crystal Edition during her gigs. Leading watch-making company Jacques Lemans is another cooperation partner of Simone’s. She always conciliates music with fashion. Part of her look stems from designer Stephan Pelger. The two longstanding friends share fashion label “Simone & Stephan” – yet another field Simone conquers with her intuition for innovation and aesthetics.

Simone also enjoys a rougher pace, not least audible on her second single, “Children”. The rather progressive number is released in 2009 by Armada Music, one of the world’s biggest Electronic labels, and passes its baptism by fire, the Winter Music Conference (WMC), with flying colours. Yet again touring the world in 2010, Simone puts meticulous work to her second series of events. “Simone Anés – it’s Rock’n’Roll” creates a fitting platform for her more rebellious side. In April, she launches her new project and thrills from the get-go. Continuing in November, Simone introduces her cover version of Donna Summer’s “Our Love”, out now. Currently the artist spends each and every free minute in the studio, fine-tuning her next remixes and singles.

The “Valkyrie of Sound”, as some commensurately like to call her, is dedicating her life to music, living up to Nietzsche’s saying: “Music is my language! Without music, life is nothing but a fallacy!”