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Simona Gee



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Simona Gee DJ is in the musical italian scene since first nineties winning a dj contest and taking part, with an excellent place, at the important dj competition “D.M.C.”.

She soon distinguishes herself at the consolle for her personal dj-sets and love for new sound brings her to continuous search of musical contaminations always in step with times and fashions.

She plays house with tek touches.

She has been guest in many clubs in Italy and in the worls transmitting positive vibrations and very good musical selections.

On her artistic way she feels the wish “to create” music besides propose it and from consolle to recording room the step is short and she begins to collaborate for various productions.

Her road crosses quickly the Italian frontiers and passing through Switzerland arrives in UK, where she begins to appear as special guest and to collaborate with important production teams, up to meet F.C.Hackett, charismatic american singer with a powerful and scratching voice, with which she decides to produce an efficacious single “I Have A Dream” included in A-side of Ladyjay E.p. In 2008 she has won the contest COMBO CUT and her dj set he has been the more voted.

She have founded with the dj & producer Fuzzy Hair a record label: AFROSOUP (afrobeat, house & minimalist).

New productions are in actions.