SIMON SIM'S: High in the House and synthetic sounds, Simon Sim's had a passion for music very early, diversifying its activities in the field of DJing and production. *... read more
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High in the House and synthetic sounds, Simon Sim’s had a passion for music very early, diversifying its activities in the field of DJing and production.

  • In 2004, Simon Sim’s working with DJ / producers like Chris Kaeser and Laurent pautrat and released his first EPs records: “Sim’s – Indian Spirit” (co produced with Laurent Pautrat and Antoine Clamaran) "Zukker Party Band – All Right ( . Co produced with Laurent Pautrat) Chris Kaeser & Sim’s – Hypnotick Music) for Pool E Music label Then Simon Sim’s will chain remixes for the likes of Chris Kaeser label: D’Tracks Industry With these productions, Simon Sim’s is brought to play in many clubs and parties, and will take raspail The residential architecture school. – (Paris), the Styliss (Auxerre), the Happy Bar (Beaune), Crystal (Auxerre), the Sholmes (dijon – first part of Bob Sinclar), The Private (Dijon) the Broque (Dijon), the Wooz (Dijon), Rio (Beaune) … and Radyonne radio (Auxerre), Paris (Schools of Architecture Raspail)
  • In August 2005 Simon Sim’s was invited to play at the famous “Street Parade” in Zurich on SWISS Matrixxx Booking chariot to 1 million people. Among the 70 international DJs it was the only French …
  • In 2007 Simon Sim’s settled in indian ocean, on the island of the meeting, Saint Denis. He then takes residence in several different clubs of the island, the Jungle (St Gilles), The fashion (St Denis), the O’Bar (St Denis) Ensign (St Denis) and skimmings from all clubs island.
  • Year 2009 under the sign of creativity and evolution also Simon Sim’s launches its own RED ISLAND PRODUCTIONS label, a label “House” on which it produces young talent and his friends. With his reputation and his work, Simon Sim’s created various parties on the island (Insomnia, The sensitiv and Chupa) receiving many Dj / Producers International. Simon Sim’s export his work on various islands such as Madagascar (Kudeta, Neptune, Chilli Banana, Xl Bar, the FULL MOON) where he worked with his friend David Illy duo. In 2014, it will organize and will mix the Mada Spring Break with David Jay and other DJ, that, for 48 hours non-stop …
  • In August 2013 – RED ISLAND By Simon Sim’s his CD album was born, and is found on sale in all stores of the island! and listening on planes mainline AIR AUSTRAL.
  • In October 2013, Simon and his partner Vincent created Hit Noize ! their music is supported by the best DJs from around the world! (Hardwell / Tiesto / Dyro / DAVID GUETTA / Afrojack / Dannic / JUSTIN PRIME / JUICY M / KSHMR / KID MASSIVE ….
  • Beginning in January 2014, HIT NOIZE becomes resident of Radio FG Paris and Simon Sim’s becomes Associate Professional SACEM !!!

    For two years, Simon performed in exceptional DJ set as the WHISKY LIVE 2014 at Palm Hotel,

    in partnership since 2013 for creative Shirley Eve and her brand of ready to wear luxury-Dark Revelation, and in 2015 the prestigious event CATTIER champagnes, Ciroc Vodka and luxury cars like Porsche and Jaguar …


Sim’s – Indian Spirit (Pool E Music)

Zukker Party Band – All Right (Pool E Music)

Chris Kaeser & Sim’s – Hypnotick Music (Pool E Music)

Luc Deneuve – Single Spin (Sim’s remix) (D’Tracks Industry)

Franck Dona – Shake It up (Sim’s remix) (D’Tracks Industry)

Sim’s – Sound Of Island (Red Island productions)

Benjamin Franklin – Be Wrong (Sim’s remix) (Red Island productions)

Charles Cherry – Forever (Sim’s remix) (Red Island Prouctions)

Simon Sim’s é Nebat Drums – Bousaada (Red Island Productions)

Sim’s & Sam.l feat Fantasia – Jungle Sax (Red Island Productions)

Sim’s & Sam.l Feat Samir – Doors of Spirit (Red Island productions)

Simon Maurice – Freedom (Red Island productions)

Simon Maurice – The Beach (Red Island Productions)

Simon Maurice – Harmony (Red Island productions)

Simon Maurice – Hypnotic (Red Island productions)

Simon Maurice – The One (Red Island productions)

Matt Waro & Xero – Vodka (Simon Sim’s remix) (Distil Records)

Chris Kaeser & Stonebridge feat Krista Richards – Love Me (Simon Sim’s & Matt Waro remix) (Hed Kandi)

Loleatta Holloway Love Sensation(Danny Wild & Simon Sim’s remix)

Simon Sim’s Feat Angel Leave Me (Extended Mix) – Distl Records

Hit Noize – Shock (D’Tracks Industry)

Simon Sim’s & Red Richards – In house we trust (Phrench Records)

RED ISLAND By SIMON SIM’S (Album CD) (Red Island Productions)

Hit Noize – Warz (D’Tracks Industry)

Chris Kaeser & Rita Campbell – Thrill Me (Hit Noize Remix) (D’tracks Industry)

Hit Noize – Lift (D’Tracks Industry 2014)

Hit Noize – Jump (D’Tracks Industry 2014)

Hit Noize – Earthquake (D’tracks Industry 2014)

Hit Noize – Mainstage (D’Tracks Industry 2014)

Hit Noize – One Day (D’tracks Industry 2014)

Dancefloor Fever 2014 – 2015 Mix by Hit Noize

Radio FG (wagram 2014)

Hit Noize – Rock It (Starlight 2014)

Hit Noize – Red Zone (Starlight 2015)

Hit Noize & Benjamin Franklin – Save Me (Starlight 2015)

Simon Sim’s & Tymers Feat Luny – I Feel You (Red Island Productions 2016)

Simon Sim’s – Progress Island (Distil Records 2016)

Simon Sim’s – Music House Machine (Distil Records 2016)


Simon Sim's Maurice