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Simon From Deep Divas

Marina Di Carrara, Italy

Electro House

Melodica, Restylers, Roster Music
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SIMON started since he was 8 with the well known Technics 1200 system and , even if not recognizing how this was a damage to his dad’s tools, when he was 12 he started mixing dance rhythms at the console of Paradise by Marinella in Sarzana helped by the local dj.

He very soon arrives in Versilia and at the age of 15 he starts working at the disco Kupido – Midho’ in Forte dei Marmi. Soon after he works at Alhambra disco in Sarzana, proclaimed by all teenagers of the area and interesting many professional djs in his activity. The roots and music preferences of Simon are in the 80s and 90s sounds and rhythms, in time they improve towards the House music, which is his favourite music genre. Simon Bontempi was born in Massa on 29th October 1984, he is the son of Checco Bontempi, one of the most famous DJ and producers in the world, who produced hits such as The Rhythm Of The Night by Corona, which in 1994 reached the hit parades of the whole world. The next season in 2001/2002 ,Simon’s activity at Kamasutra in Marinella di Sarzana, and on 7th February 2002 he is the special guest for the opening of the renewed Bussola in Focette, which on this occasion organises the biggest Carnival party in Versilia, called Viva Rio, a night which has always had very positive reactions and a huge participation in the last 20 years. In Versilia the success is repeated on several occasions, at disco Dive too. The big chance arrives in September 2002 when he starts working in the recording team of Joe T. Vannelli with his first album “To The Beat”, as an artist we find him as DEEP DIVAS Feat. Kimberly on Clubbin’ label. Simon, known as SIMON From DEEP DIVAS, is DEEP DIVAS’ official dj and promotes as an image this product all over the world, this product as it was presented by Joe T. Vannelli during his many participations , including Supalova. Kimberly, the main voice in the album To The Beat, has an astonishing CV in the soul world, only think that her godmother was Gloria Gaynor. In summer 2003 he is at the iìmost lively placet in Versilia, including the privée of Just House of the Dive disco In February and October 2003 he is Special Guest at Kitsh/Capannina House Club and at Liberty both in Viareggio and at the Bussola in Focette for the third year, for the Carnival Party” Viva Rio” 2004. On 21st February 2004 he is the main dj at Kama Kama in Camaiore, one of the most famous clubs in Europe where djs from all over the world work, such as DIFFERENT GEAR, SATOSHI TOMIIE, DAVID MORALES, ERICK MORILLO, ROGER SANCHEZ . He start is with DJ GREGORY the producer of French house AFRICANISM, a project which involved very important producers, such as BOB SINCLAR, JULIEN JABRE, LEGO, BIBI e LIQUID PEOPLE. In summer 2004 is released Machine Gun, the new devastating success of DEEP DIVAS, as defined by British Peaktime House Bomb. It starts from Miami, played by ERICK MORILLO, ROGER SANCHEZ, LOTTIE and PETE TONG. So in August and September of that year he gets to play at Fever House Club in Versilia. After the recording success , in February 2005 he releases another single, SIMON From DEEP DIVAS Feat. K.GEE, “The Party (Thank Got It’s Friday) “ on air in Deejay Time by Albertino and published by Time on Rise label. In Novembre 2005, Simone is at the “Art Club Disco” in Desenzano Del Garda. In the same period he is again the responsible dj for music at the Fever House Club, to organise other dates. He is waiting for the release of the new single Get Up, which will provide the new collaboration with Tambour, house melodic label of Melodica, and he joins the staff of JAISS. In June 2006 he is successful at Tenax club in Florence with CHRIS LIEBING, in November 2006 he is at Fever club in Marina di Pietrasanta and on 31st December 2006 he is at Fortezza Da Basso in Florence, with best compliments by vocalist Francesconi, a well known artist. He continues collaboration with Melodica but the new big success arrives with SIMON From DEEP DIVAS new single, Sweat (Push It). During summer 2009 he works on Mario Fargetta’ s album aka Get Far “The Radio” with a remix and getting more and more known as remixer, the impact goes beyond the expected and his performances in clubs are more and more requested. 2010 starts even better with Warner Bros/Atlantic choosing Simon as sole Italian DJ for the new remix of Toni Braxton’s “So Yesterday”. DJ Sergio Mauri chooses him to remix his new single “Run To You” which is a success and after Sanremo 2010 also Valerio Scanu, with the winner song “Per Tutte Le Volte Che”, wants a version by Simon. In July 2010 Simon prepares a new version of “Rhythm of the night” by Corona using the original voices of this 90s mega hit.The song is released by label DWA which distributes it during summer and this helps working on international agreements with different partners to publish it on many other markets abroad. In September Simon starts a new tour in Italian clubs and publishes a videoclip from that summer. Simon is really very young as he is only 26.

On 31st January 2011 “Turn Up The Bass” by Restylers Records is released, a project where Simon is the producer with his team DEEP DIVAS. The project is preferred by DJ Stonebridge who inserts it as 1st in the chart of his preferred songs and Roger Sanchcez gives it a 4 stars evaluation out of 5. The video realised in Chicago is perfect.

In May 2011 there are 2 remixes: Radio Love Song by BRENDAN CROSKERRY (Tv spot of the new LAND ROVER Freelander 2 and “Vedo Nero” by ZUCCHERO “SUGAR” FORNACIARI”).

All this while waiting for the new Disco Dancer, the new single released on 3rd June 2011.