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Simon Alves

London, United Kingdom

Minimal, Tech House

Nachtaktiv Inc. LTD., Zensur
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Simon Alves a name that represents the connection of people. High-Quality, Funk & Groove: national as well as international.

The German DJ of brasilian/ german heritage was born in Essen (09/06/1975) intimated early that the stage is the only thing counts in the world for the young Simon Alves.

As a young teenager he already showed his skills and hosted parties has been inspiried by his idols like Grandmaster Flash, Sven Väth, the Chicago House or the Acid House Scene.

At the age of 16 years he was signed by the major label ?Sony BMG?, which promoted the talented young DJ Simon Alves. He graduated at 18 years and passed afterwards a vocational education. After those essentials step in his life he made his dream come true. He dedicates his future life to the music, passionately.

Simon Alves latest project is the multimedial onlineportal, which is one of the biggest german aristcommunites, including an own radio, onlinelabel, scenemagazin as well as an unique newcomer support.

The 33 year old Simon Alves worked and produced with many big names in the game (e.g. Mark Deal (Maniacs/ Gigolo Rec.), AmokDee (Playhouse USA), Kevin Over (Piermont Rec./ Fortek).

As in the early 1990?s Simon Alves still grooves and rocks from left to right. If the sound dopes the ears and the beats dictate the leg the rhythm.

Latest News: Every Sunday Simon Alves hosts his own radioshow on (7 p.m.-9 p.m. MEZ)


Club?s in denen Simon Alves die Menge bereits zum kochen brachte und immer wieder gerne bringt:

Omen ? Frankfurt (Germany)

Dorian Gray ? Frankfurt (Germany)

Space ? Playa d?en bossa (Spain)

Palazzo ? Bingen (Germany)

WMF ? Berlin (Germany)

Groove Club ? Gelsenkirchen (Germany)

Alter Wartesaal ? Köln (Germany)

Cosmic Club ? Münster (Germany)

Poison Club ? Düsseldorf (Germany)

BCM ? Mallorca (Spain)

Planet ? Bochum (Germany)

Hannomag ? Hannover (Germany)

Orpheum ? Dortmund (Germany)

Go In ? Ober Günsbach (Germany)

Joy Palace ? Mallorca (Spain)

Riu Pallace ? Mallorca (Spain)

Monkey?s Club ? Düsseldorf (Germany)

D-Sign ? Düsseldorf (Germany)

Blue Fish ? Heidelberg (Germany)

Tor 3 ? Düsseldorf (Germany)

Future Club ? Duisburg (Germany)

Tarm Center ? Bochum (Germany)

Model ? Essen (Germany)

Lauschgift ? Köln (Germany)

Parkhaus ? Düsseldorf (Germany)

U Club ? Wuppertal (Germany)

TNT Club ? Recklinghausen (Germany)

Schlachthof ? Wolfsburg (Germany)

Kiez Club ? Hannover (Germany)

Korova Milchbar ? Essen (Germany)

Zeche Bonifacius ? Essen (Germany)

OC?S Electro Box ? Gelsenkirchen (Germany)

Modjo Club ? Wolfsburg (Germany)

Factory ? Hannover (Germany)

Butan Club ? Wuppertal (Germany)

Lighthouse21 ? Essen (Germany)

Fiasco ? Essen (Germany)


Rave Radio @ Radio Essen Germany mit eigener Sendung (1995-1996)

Evosonic Radio Germany

Radio Turntable @ Lokalradio FiV Germany

Radio Sunshine Live, Schwetzingen Germany

& viele weitere kleine Gastauftritte in diversen Radioformaten

Simon Alves bedient nicht nur die Clubs und Rundfunkanstalten Deutschlands und Spaniens, sondern auch Festivals. Ein Auszug seiner Shows:

Loveparade ? Berlin/ Essen (Germany)

Nature One ? Pirna (Germany)

Dive into DJ Taucher?s Birthday ? Taunusstein (Germany)

House Nation ? Düsseldorf (Germany)

Elfentanz ? Münster (Germany)

Popcomm ? Köln (Germany)

Ruhr In Love ? Gelsenkirchen/ Oberhausen (Germany)

SyGrooVe Birthday Bang ? Essen (Germany)

Dove Of Peace ? Hannover (Germany)

Hannomag Revival 2005 ? Hannover (Germany)

Star Alliance Club presents Rene Benz?s Birthday Flash ? Essen (Germany)

Wild At Heart ? Burgdorf (Germany)