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Hailing from Cromwell Connecticut, Michael Simoneau (DJ Simi) migrated to Amherst Massachusetts in the fall of 1995, where he attended the University of Massachusetts. Armed with the determination to explore all aspects of his newly acquainted surroundings, Simi met a mélange of individuals who introduced him to brand new forms of culture and living. One such individual turned this evolving artist onto turntables – everyday dj’s initial gateway to an unparalleled world of unadulterated music. Simi started off with mixing hip hop records and moved onto house music soon after came into contact with DJ’s Hush and Bons of Growroom Records. Growroom is one of New England’s Premier clothing and specialty stores which cater to dj’s and patrons alike. From then on, Simi’s choice of music evolved into riveting house music that enticed partygoers and tore up dance floors in the area.

Having the opportunity to perform at a variety of venues and parties in and around Amherst, Simi’s skill as a dj developed tremendously, as did his popularity. With guest performances at such venues as Club Rise (Boston, MA), WERS 88.9 FM (Boston MA), Assylum Nightclub (Springfield, MA), and with his current residencies at Atlantis Restaurant and Lounge (Amherst, MA) and at the House of Blues(Cambridge, MA) Simi is more than experienced and dedicated to providing music fans with a unique sound and style all his own.

As well as partaking in events throughout Massachusetts, Simi has also graced the decks of venues in Connecticut, NYC, Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, and many more. Not only is he an extremely talented DJ, Simi also boasts affiliations with Boston’s widely popular magazine, 411 Night guide, as a distribution manager. More recently, he has taken on the position of Project Manager for the Promotions division of URB Magazine in Boston. As a sales associate for Growroom Records for 3 1/2 years running, Simi is a veteran of today’s music market, having the skill and ability to run both sides of the operation as both a performer and manager. With an all rounded education and years of experience within the music industry, Simi has proven to be a widely talented asset for any project that may come his way.