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Kragujevac, Serbia


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GOROLJUB KRAGOVIC also know as “SILVERSTORM” was born in Kragujevac, SERBIA 11.12.1985…

From a very early age SILVERSTORM started showing his interest for electronic music. In 2002 he finished his studies at the school for DJ’s, where he learned the basics about mixing tehnics. In that time TECHNO was very popular in SERBIA,and he listened to nothing else just TECHNO and even though he wasn’t listening to other music genres, he respected TRANCE as pretty music for listening. As a DJ, he makes his very first appearance in 2002 on stage at a TECHNO party in his home town. He was on way to become very popular, but soon interest for pure TECHNO sound is dead in his country, and the remaining TECHNO music is abused and destroyed by the new music genre that became very popular ELECTRO/MINIMAL but not for long. People in KRAGUJEVAC stopped listening electronic music and ALL THE CLUBS ARE SHUT-DOWN…for now KRAGUJEVAC with 200000 people has just one little cafe-club “CONTRAST” where people can hear progressive sound…all former clubs are transformed in “FOLKOTEKE” (terms used to describe place where played just national music, a mixture of DISCOTEQUE and FOLK, where FOLK changed the DISCO sound in it’s popularity) where this “music” – better known as “TURBO FOLK” is very popular in SERBIA and it’s growing as we speak… When TECHNO died in SERBIA, SILVERSTORM selected TRANCE (all sub-genres except PSYTRANCE) for his new favorite music. But as people in SERBIA aren’t listening to anything but “TURBO FOLKSILVERSTORM has very big problem: how to represent himself when people in his country are not interested in listening to TRANCE music… For now he played on some smaller TRANCE partys & made TRANCE music, but there is no one to hear it…