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London, United Kingdom

Electro House, Open Format

Immoral Music
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Silverfox is has been a Dj & Producer since the 1980’s

When it comes to mixing styles!! Silverfox is king of the underground genre. Silverfox Started hes DJ career back in the early 80s mixing and producing early electro hip hop, nicked named Rock Production. at the age of 14 he was already mixing and rapping on local radio stations and night clubs in the UK with no fear. As the street sounds era started to fade and hip hop went more political Silverfox was already mixing another underground sound called chicago & detroit house. Funny enough kids today are already following in hes style, by having the big headphones on listening to there music via their ipods or mp3 players. You never see Silverfox without he’s huge headphones on listening to hes music where ever he traveled. Now Hooked on to house music!! Rock Production turned to DJ & Producer Tech. Silverfox was now playing Chicago,Detroit,Acid House before the styles changed to Hardcore,Jungle Techno,Breakbeat & Trance as we lift into 2k.

Now in the present Silverfox mixes Old skool,Dirty electro,Progressive house,Drum and bass and Dubstep.