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Originally from chicago, Silent J began his journey into dj’ing in 2002. He first set out to take on hip hop and reggaeton after experiencing the digital manipulation of cdjs as DJ Burnout. After hours and months of practice, he began to take on the basement party scene of chicago, with dj Active 1. Idolizing dj Bam Bams skills and mixing style he was always looking for new styles and ways to mix and mash up beats with ANY genre from hip hop and reggaeton, to House and drum and bass. In 2006 he relocated to Arizona and fell into the EDM scene by chance. Learning the ways of vinyl from Richard Anthony, he set out to master trance and hard trance. Taking on the name Silent J given to him by his peers for his silent yet energetic persona, he slowly converged from the subtle yet energetic beats of trance, to the heavy and distorted rolling basslines and high synths of electro house. NOw into producing his own beats and mash ups, Silent J has converged to Fidget electro house, with mash ups from hip hop and reggaeton to rock and alternative acapellas. With this dj always striving for the next heavy bassline and peak climax of a track to rock the crowd, as well as creating his own graphic desings and beats, and running a crew of 40 (Silent Unspoken Entertainment LLC) its clear there is much more to come from this enigmatic individual.