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Silence has held a deep passion for music since he was a young child. Growing up in Northern California he was quickly exposed to the many genres of music, both analog and electronic. In 1993 Silence’s love for Underground Hip Hop took precedence and he was on his way to becoming a DJ.

At first, Silence was drawn to the intricacies and skill demonstrated by the old school scratch masters at the hip hop shows he was finding himself at every weekend. Over the next year he would begin perfecting the skill of mixing and scratching.

It was later in 1994 that he really began to understand the magic found in the underground dance culture. Finding him self more drawn to the melodic sounds of trance, and most especially, the trancey breaks still in its infancy at the time. Not forgetting his hip hop roots, yet inexorably drawn to the family-like community and the sound he’d been longing to express! Silence immediately began adding the new sound to his collection, the fusion articulating at last what couldn’t be done before.

Soon Silence was playing underground raves, clubs, benefits, and concerts from Santa Cruz, California to Montreal, Canada. He has played for major promoters like Ray Junior Productions, Renegade Productions, Cosmic Kids, Family Productions, Constant Music Productions, Harambe Productions, and national television network ESPN in 1996, 97, 98, and 99. Silence has played with such headliners as DJ’s R.A.W., Scott. G – (of Deepsky), Shawn Parker a.k.a. Desert Sol, Shortkut, Vinroc, and he also has opened for headlining acts like Moby, Grey Area, Souls of Mischief, Parliament Funkadelic, Sugar Hill Gang, Ozomatly, Digital Underground, really too many to list.

In the past few years Silence has been rocking crowds all over the South West, and devoting his time to help spread the breakbeat word!!! He is known for keeping the dance floor packed with his eclectic rocking breakbeat record selection, his amazing ability to move the crowd with his fluid hypnotic mixing, and precise turntablism skills. Taking people to that place where they feel free & alive!!! Silence is constantly excelling forward and leaving an everlasting impression on audiences wherever he plays.

Recently Silence has been working on producing remixes, and his own tracks, of which he hopes to release soon. Silence is ready to hit the national and worldwide dance scene harder than ever, fusing his progressive breakbeat style, with the tastiest turntablism treats for the masses…



~Shawn Parker a.k.a. Desert Sol

“Silence is one hell of a DJ. He has excellent taste in breaks and some mad skills in presenting his sets and showcasing his talents as a turntablist, to boot. He can rock long smooth hypnotic mixes one moment, and smoke the cross fader and needles with some dope cuts the next. DONT MISS HIM IF YOU CAN HELP IT!”