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Sile was brought up surrounded by all kinds of music, so it was

more than natural for him to have music as his profession. He has

never been interested in fame during his career; the point has

allways been finding fresh music and to make people move. He has

had an extra ordinary long career of 28 years. This is an

exeptionally long career how ever you look at it. He has had a

strong inluence in club scene of southern Finland. He has had over

20 clubs, enormous amount of residencies and has arranged

several dozens of parties around Finland. He has visited all the

major clubs in Finland. Mearly in Helsinki during the last 15 years

he has visited such clubs like Smile, Yam Yam, It, Soda, Kerma,

Mother, Ihana etc.. His career is not limited to just djing but he

has had his own program in YLE Radio and did some series of the

legendary radio program Ocsid. He’s been producing since -92 and

his recent “People Let Me Down” and "Funk Magic E.P.) were

released on Look At You records (USA) and the first one was picked

as “The Tune Of the Month” in DJ Magazine and it was listed in

Hype chart too.



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