Signal Electrique

Le Havre, France

Expressillon, Junky Robot
Signal Electrique Beatport


Wild electronic project created by Erik Elektrik: Signal Electrique drives his fetish machines through frienzed and entrancing musical rituals for more than 10 years now! 4 albums in collaboration wih the label Expressillon gave concrete expression to his researches: Acid Library, Juke Box Monkey, Treat Me Bad, Rave n’ roll Ritual and also a live recorded album for the famous «Chip Jockey» sessions. With his free and surprising style, he always kept in mind to avoid repetition. From pure techno to electro-punk he followed his own rules to please the fans!! From rave partys to teknivals, from concerts to festivals.

Since the begining of 2011, Erik Elektrik perfoms as much as he can and keep on creating wild sounds!