Top 50k on The DJ List


Denver, United States


Ever since the age of 4, Sightlow (previously known as ScrewloopZ) has had a passion for music. He grew up listening to every genre of music, but something about electronic music always caught his ear. After producing for about 2 years without releasing, he then decided to take a career path with his passion for music seriously. Since 2011, Sightlow has been moving his way into the scene. With original releases such as “Concentrate”, “Mile High”, and a few others making it onto blogs/sites such as Earmilk, Lessthan3, Hypem, Trap&Bass, GlobalDanceMusic, MileHiMusic, Last.FM, and more, people are starting to gain a sort of optimistic curiosity of what Sightlow has in store for the future. He has performed live with acts such as Kill Paris, Thriftworks, Nappy Roots, Borgore, Run DMT, Razihel, Govinda, Hypercrush, Mighty Mouse, Pillowtalk, French Horn Rebelion, and various other well-known artists.

“Sightlow is a Denver based artist that seems to have been waiting in the shadows to pop out and change the scene.”