DJ SiFT is a DJ/Producer based out of London, Ontario and has been dropping the needle for over 3 years now. His career in the industry started when he attended Fanshawe College for a 2-year “Recording Engineering” degree. After completing that, he took a 1-year post-graduate program entitled “Digital Applications”. During this time, SiFT was taught how to use multiple audio editing programs, as well as sequencing applications. This helped him span the gap between DJ and producer. Early in 2001, he started producing his own music. SiFT spins Vinyl and CD’s, which allow him to incorporate original music into his quality sets. One thing that sets him apart from other DJ’s is that he remixes his songs live, using outboard effects processors.

Growing up in a small suburb, his passion for music was ignited with his first set of drums. Spending much of his youth banging on his drums, he was drawn to a beat familiar to us all. This beat grew within, and since he discovered Electronica, he’ never looked back. Countless hours were spent listening, previewing, writing, and mixing music. After emerging from his basement, he began playing house parties and other small gigs. New Years Eve 2001 was a turning point. After playing at a successful barn bash, his fan base slowly developed and he is now known throughout the London and surrounding area.

For DJ SiFT, 2002 was the year things started to take off. Earlier that year, he signed on with a promotion company named Dark Knight Productions. This production company threw large parties, with an average of 4-6 headliners. At these events SiFT spun alongside great DJ’s like David Padilla, DJ Dominik, Grimace, DJ Czech, Drag’n’Fly, Kamikaze, Unabomber, Kid Epic, Oystrixxx, Jason Marshall, and Miss Bliss. These shows were the building blocks of his career in the music business.

In 2003, DJ SiFT has finished work on a new compilation CD entitled “Needle Juice”. He is planning on releasing it in local stores soon. After sending out promotional materials to other production companies in the Toronto area, he has signed on with! This new partnership was the next step in the right direction for him. SiFT has a great set of ears that allow him to create and mix wonderful new music. The only direction this DJ can go is up.

“The Beat” is his driving force, and the crowd is his playground. SiFT incorporates a unique blend of hard house, trance and techno into his performances. His heart and soul reside within his music. So…prepare yourself for massive beats and explosive tunes that will tear down all walls.