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Sam Cushing aka Sidney Frost – Minneapolis, MN

Hard at work is the simplest way to describe him since his introduction to the electronic music scene in 2001. His passion for techno exploded after attending a variety of events in the Minneapolis techno community, and has since taken him on a journey as both a fan and an artist. He has developed the reputation of delivering a fury of floor filling madness from his live acts and dj performances.

His debut release on the Minneapolis imprint Timefog generated a huge response, supported by the likes of; Bryan Zentz, Tony Rohr, Joel Mull, and Marco Carola, just to name a few.

As a DJ he’s sure to please, with an arsenal of obscure classics and never-to-be-released burners. Over the coming year, he will be refining his live PA and preparing for new releases.

If Sidney Frost is on the flyer, there’s no confusing what to expect… muscular techno, with a pool of “electric koolaid” residing underneath.