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Zlín, Czech Republic

Electronica, Techno

Sidewinder Beatport

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Sidewinder’s name is Kamil Danicek and he was born in 1979. In 2001, he met DJs X-Basse and Clim who taught him to use turntables. He recorded his first demo set at BrainStorm in 2002 and was one of the founders of Reform Production crew. Over the next few years he played and organized many local techno parties. In 2002 he had an accident that stopped his work. After he recovered in 2003 he started DJing again and continues in his work with Reform Crew.

He prefers 3 turntables mixing and is interested in the combination of classic dark techno, melodic funky techno, tech-house and sometimes break-beat. He is also interested in producing music with computers.

Before this, he played in 2 bands: Collision (guitar, vocal), HC-Cross over style and Znicehonic (drums), alternative pop rock style. With these bands he played in a few local festivals, both bands broke up in 2001.