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Sid Le Rock

Berlin, Germany

Tech House, Techno

Beachcoma, Cereal / Killers, defrag
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Sid LeRock (aka Pan/Tone, Gringo Grinder) is one of Canada’s leading electronic producers with 6 albums under his belt and well over 50 singles..and climbing!. He remixed for Depeche Mode, Fairmont, Placebo, Gui Boratto and did collaborations with Dj Koze, Ada, Metope and Jake Fairley.

Sid LeRock was born and raised in the northern regions of Ontario, Canada. Moving constantly from one small town to another cold and desolate town due to his fathers search for work as a uranium minor / lumberjack. Sid left the family cabin to make the move of his own. First to Windsor, the neighboring city to Detroit. There he first made contact with Electronic music during its famous underground warehouse parties. He then made the jump to the big city of Toronto to study music engineering. It was where he become more involved in techno as a life choice career.

Sid LeRock made the overseas voyage to Cologne, Germany in 2003. He was in the first wave of the North American invasion to Europe. The success and demand for his music allowed him to live in Europe since then, where he presently resides in Berlin.

Sid has been producing as well as performing live since 1998. His unique brand of music, which blends modern dance floor electronics with rock n roll esthetics is what makes his music sound so explosive and captivating to the ears. You can feel all levels of raw emotion with Sid’s need to express this through melody and what he

claim’s as “the human error factor”.