Shy Beatport


Started out back in 1987 in a small Logan Square basement practicing on 2 records that he only knew by heart. He developed his skills by the teaching of Butch Salinas (his cousin) who reigned the Chicago scene from 1980-1984 as the #1 Filipino DJ in Chicago. DJ Shy started out as most of the ‘Old School’ DJ’s have, he mobilized. From there, he was picked up by local promoters to mix at their all ages parties. In the early 90’s, it was Shy’s time to shine! He spun for 88.7fm promoter Tony Cabrera at Alcatrazz and from there, Shy was introduced into the “Club Scene”.

As time passed, he slowly got out of the mobilizing scene and concentrated on becoming a club DJ. He started learning more of the studio part of the music and also the promoting part of the business. Shy has a variety of music in his record collection. From Disco to Rock, Old School House & Hip-Hop, Freestyle, New Wave, Industrial, High Energy, Trance, UK. Hard House, Hard House, Progressive, Techno, Oldies, Spanish Music, Etc. He has about 5,000 records in his collection.

He then fell into place with the right people and started going to more clubs and being introduced to DJ’s and promoters as well.

In 1998 he started S.A.S. Recordings, which now, has DJ & promoter connections in Chicago, Las Vegas, San Diego, San Francisco, & St. Louis. He has come a long way with his long time friend, DJ. Mark Lojo. These 2 have hit clubs from Chicago, to St. Louis, and in the Bay Area, California. DJ. Shy’s biggest accomplishment was mixing at one of the most famous nightclubs in the Philippines, Embassy Nightclub in Makati City, Philippines.

Shy is known for his quick mixing abilities in Old School Chicago House and hyping up the crowds when spinning Hip-Hop or Radio Hip-Hop. He currently works with a variety of promoters in Chicago, and is making a name for S.A.S. Recordings in Las Vegas, with DJ. Poy who is in charge of that part. His lifetime dream is to be world renown, it could be coming soon