For the last couple of years, DJ Shunt has been one of the most promising and successful DJs on the international synthpop scene. His incredible abilities to entertain the audience, as well as his mixing skills and track selection have earned him reputation and a spot among the best.

Originally born in Plovdiv, Bulgaria, the youngest of three, Miro discovered synth and new wave music at the age of 14. With the emerging influence of the Internet, he was able to meet like-minded friends and be part of the creation of several online communities. It took him 4 years to start promoting events. The first series were under the name “Wave Night Over Plovdiv”, with which he successfully re-introduced the New Wave scene in his home city. With nearly no mixing skills and great track selection, Miro was able to keep the dance floor packed. Soon after that a residency was offered from one of the leading alternative clubs in the country – “Petnoto”. Miro started spinning electropop and synthpop under the name DJ Shunt, which he took from a Recoil track. He was nearly 8 hours behind the decks, twice a month. He also created new series of events named “Blue Mondays”. Shunt was the first one to start promoting Depeche Mode parties in Plovdiv, which later made him invaluable part of, an online community which he co-founded in 2004. He spent significant time learning the basics of beat-mixing in order to keep the dance floor moving even when he spun completely new tracks and by the end of the year he was one of the first DJs within the local scene who managed to focus more attention on the underground synth and electro artists. In December 2004 he got his first gig abroad. He was spotted by DJ addambombb while Miro was residing in Boston, MA (United States) and soon after that he guest DJ’ed Haven in Northampton, MA.

When DJ Shunt returned to Bulgaria in 2005 – two new chapters were written – The annual conventions and Studio A. Both projects were based on already working ideas in Western Europe and North America. With Studio A, he created new types of events which were focused on name/brand, rather than one particular band or style. Unfortunately none of the local promoters followed that model and soon the competition was down to exchanging words rather than competing music wise. Promoters artificially divided the local scene into “Goth” and “Wave” and soon they were forced to promote concerts rather than parties, to keep the interest alive. In the meantime thanks to his continuous work with DJ Shunt and his partner in crime – DJ julianep were invited by the city of Kavarna to open for DJ Andy Fletcher’s first gig in Bulgaria as part of the annual Sea Fest in Kavarna. As a result of his energetic performance and positive feedback, Shunt soon got offers from promoters abroad to guest DJ their events. In early 2008 he opened for Camouflage in Romania and he spun at first synth club – Strangel, Moscow (Russia). In 2008 promoted a concert of De/Vision in which Shunt had vital part as one of the co-promoters. Soon afterwards he was on small world tour including locations in Eastern Europe and North America with more than 20 cities in 5 countries.

Soon after the tour Miro re-located completely to the United States. In early 2009 he moved to New York and started working several events with his friends from Audiolust. DJ Shunt has been currently expanding his mixing skills adding vinyl’s, as well as gaining experience in concerts and parties production, sound, lights and visuals.