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SHOTGUN RADIO members Marcel Saxlund (lyrics & vocals) and Greco Rossetti (keyboards & programming) have a unique commonality. They both left steady, mundane jobs to pursue their own collective expression. In the late 1990’s, Marcel worked as a banker on Wall Street and Greco was a second engineer on Michael Jackson’s “History” album. For over 11 years now, this “expression” has grown from the seeds of their influences (Depeche Mode, Nine Inch Nails, The Prodigy and Outkast to name a few).

Based in Hollywood, California, this vocal-driven electronic duo’s high-octane sound and stage shows have graced such establishments as The Viper Room, Avalon Hollywood, Vanguard Hollywood, The Dragonfly, The Knitting Factory, The Mint and several others, not to mention having been selected as one of six bands (out of over 2,000 submitted) to perform at the 2008 Disc Makers Independent Music World Series Finals. Be it from the thumping kick drums, cracking snares, rapid-fire poetry and melodic choruses or by way of the patrons’ overzealous consumption of liquid happiness, the result is a hangover minus the headache.

Shotgun Radio sheds unwanted bravado in the vein of ego-less substance and establishes escapism through music. In a time when a band must molest its sound in order to fight for its place in a specific genre, Shotgun Radio puts their hands where we can see them. Whether this approach is by design or oblivion, it works nonetheless. With the current all-too-hackneyed marketing attempts at spawning categorical hybrids, their sound is an innate blend of all things musical, rooted in beats. Simply, yet dryly spoken by an unknown “Turn of the Century” philosopher, “Why put yourself in a box…before you’re dead?”

Editor’s note: Like white-trash parents, Shotgun Radio makes no excuses or apologies for their offspring.

Since January 2006, their music video for “Hysteria” has mimicked the Earth in the amount of rotations it has tallied while airing in over 1,500 nationwide retail “in-store” networks and leading nightclub venues. In the span of one month alone, it aired a staggering 200,000 times. In September 2011, the music video for their single, “Drive” did the same thing!

Most recently, Shotgun Radio boast having scored music and licensed over a dozen songs for the feature film, Hotel California (now playing on Showtime and The Movie Channel and available on Netflix) starring Erik Palladino, Tyson Beckford, Simon Rex and Tatyana Ali as well as having composed music for the trailer to the film Farmhouse, (one of the eight films in the 2007 After Dark Horror Fest). With these accomplishments under their belt, they look forward to designing more soundscapes for feature films.

In addition to plotting world domination while juggling chainsaws, Shotgun Radio has also crafted and licensed music for Doritos, Timberland, Converse, Puma and K-Swiss commercials, America’s Next Top Model, the Star Wars: Episode II DVD promotion, the Fat Albert movie promotion, the soundtrack of the Miramax film, My Baby’s Daddy, and countless other projects.

You can currently find the albums “The Deserted Circus”, their remix album “Wrecked Remixes & Rarities”, “Extermination of Undesirables” and their new singles, “Drive”, “Hometown Junkie”, “Particles” and “A Bad Place Ft. Mimi Page” on iTunes and other worldwide digital distribution outlets. They are set to release their next full-length album, “The Vacant Nation” this August 2011 which will showcase their new sound, best described as “melodic electronic.”

Regardless of where their music leads them, Shotgun Radio can only focus on quality control in the process. With the beat being the compass throughout this journey, they travel aimlessly through music’s magnetic confines. Shotgun Radio, a product of this environment, keeps feeding the mass hysteria, the facts in stereo.


Marcel Saxlund – [email protected]