Shockwave Beatport


Shockwave, a wickedly talented funky breaks DJ who incorporates turntablism elements into his sets, has been annihilating crowds from behind the decks for over eight full years. One of South Florida’s most capable main room breakbeat headliners, Shockwave always put on an incredibly energetic, passionate, and memorable show. When he unleashes his amazing scratching skills, borne through years of diligent practice while studying his idol, DJ Q-Bert, the first ten minutes of his set usually finds a crowd stunned with confusion, torn between the need to dance up a storm, or to stand there, mouth open, just taking in the awesome vibe that this DJ can unleash.

This is DJ Shockwave, responsible for tearing it up at many of South Florida’s most notorious events, including Earthdance Miami, Wax Warz, Emerald City, Technology Tuesdays, Zygota, Breakin’ Into Summer, as well as all of the Euphoria Project’s largest events – Sanctuary, Temptation 1 + 2, Cosmic Distortion, Elements, Beyond The Stars, Eternal Voyage, Sunrise, Paradise Awakened, as well as Knowledge, closing weekend party for the legendary venue Lumonics.