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Less is definitely more when it comes to some artists and Hypercolour/Fear of Flying artist Shenoda is a good example of a producer who doesn’t hurry what he does.

With just a handful of releases and remixes, the London-based artist has developed a sound which skews classic deep house tropes to make truly contemporary pieces of engaging but dancefloor music. Initially becoming part of the tight knit Hypercolour family with a remix in the label’s early days, he’s gone on to become one of the label’s key producers and his 2011 ‘Shots’ EP broke into areas way beyond the usual house spheres, with Martyn, Konrad Black, Mosca and Deetron all being vocal advocates.

Since then, productions for 1Trax, Save You and Fear of Flying have cemented the dry witted producer’s reputation while his adroit skills as a DJ have also seen him make a mark on many a dancefloor.

2012 saw Shenoda take a leap into the unknown with a redoubled dedication to music and the results are currently forming into a release schedule the most veteran of producers would be envious of. First up, of course, is material for the Hypercolour/Glass Table imprints but beyond that he’s typically tight lipped and modest about what’s to come next, preferring the music to do most of the talking.