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Shelby Callaway began his love for music at a very early age. He got his first piano at the age of 9 and became fascinated with the sound. He played it as often as he could. His love for electronic music began quite early as well, listening to anything with a “4 on the floor” beat with an upbeat, energetic groove to it. When he was 14 he stumbled across Rebirth, a program which emulates the old Roland 303 synthesizer, as well as Roland 808 and 909 drum machines. Mastering Rebirth, Shelby launched his first CD called “Dahundamix”. With great enthusiasm, he distributed homemade CD’s amongst his classmates and became an instant hit.

At the same time, Shelby caught wind of another art form that captured his attention almost as equally as making music. Watching his fellow classmates, djing at a school dance, he fell in love with the art of turntablism. Over the next few years he acquired a pair of cdj’s and a mixer and spent every free hour learning how to mix. In a very short amount of time he had all but mastered the art, mixing at small house parties and school dances. He teamed up with fellow DJ and good friend Chris Jackson, and they went on to throw rave parties that were an instant and explosive hit. Shelby and Chris became very well known for their ability to draw crowds in the small town of Jackson Hole Wyoming, where they grew up. They spun larger and larger parties that became more and more popular.

At the end of high school, Chris and Shelby parted ways due to changing life plans. Shelby continued to stay in the Jackson Hole valley for the next few years playing at parties and bars. At this point Shelby had his second album on the way for release at This album was an even bigger hit than before as his distribution came from the internet and local stores in Jackson. The reputation of Shelby Callaway was growing, and spreading out across the nation. In 2004, he played in multiple cities across the nation. In 2005 he was invited to play at one of the biggest Christian music festivals in America, Cornerstone in Bushnell Illinois. The venue exploded with dancing when Shelby played his energetic and emotional driven 1 hour set.

In 2008, Shelby Callaway decided to serve his country in the military forces and put his music career on hold. For 2 years he trained with the army, and was then deployed to Afghanistan for a year. He brought along a few essentials in the hopes of doing a little production in his free time when he wasn’t on duty. He produced Kate’s Song and Slipstream while he was overseas. When he got home, he submitted them to Deeplife Records and PWM Records. Deeplife and PWM enthusiastically took on Shelby’s projects, and quickly released them with multiple remixes. They became instant hits all over the world. Shelby Callaway is quickly becoming a household name and you can expect to see much more of Shelby in the coming future!