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She Dj Tap Tap

Zürich, Switzerland

Hip-Hop, Open Format

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DJ TapTap, already a star in Switzerland, is an international DJ that has performed at various clubs and events around the globe. With her notoriety, she is surely becoming world-renowned as we speak.

DJ TapTap’s uncanny mixing ability, musical knowledge and impeccable track selection is what her fans and clients remember every time she graces the turntables. One thing is for sure, an electrifying party with unbounded musical energy is what DJ TapTap always delivers behind the decks.

Not just another pretty face behind the turntables, DJ TapTap in the last 7 years has put much time and effort refining her DJ skill. This leading to her having challenged multiple DJ’s, especially males, to DJ battles where she came out the winner many times.

With a busy International DJ schedule, including performing for celebrities such as BEYONCE, BUSTA RHYMES, DIDDY and global clients like PLAYBOY, GUESS and FIFA to name a few, it is hard to believe that DJ TapTap finds the time to persue her other passion: ACTING.

DJ TapTap, Virginia Gomez is her real name and acting name, has been a rising star in the tv and movie industry in Europe, especially in her home country of Switzerland.

In front of the camera, she has been featured in movies and tv shows, always showcasing her acting talents with breathtaking beauty and grace.

Being an artist in its purest form, no wonder DJ TapTap, “DJ, ACTRESS, SONGWRITER” is quickly becoming a world renowned superstar.

Who knows… maybe she will win the Oscar and host her own afterparty.