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Shawn Paul

Madison, United States

House, Tech House

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Shawn Paul Sampson got his first exposure to underground scene in 1998 and instantly fell in love with house music. He started learning how to DJ that same year. He started to take his skills to parties and underground events throughout Wisconsin playing at legendary events such as; Rave Em & Bail-e 3, Blue Shift 2, Camped Out, Spoiled, First Offense, Modulation, Flotation, . Anyone who has heard Shawn mix live over the years truly know his talent and skill. He is always keeping the dance floor groovin & peoples head in the speaker. If you have never heard him perform live or heard one of his mixes then you don’t know what you have been missing. Coming from the original 1314 Productions crew who put together some legendary parties over the years he has been around the scene on and off for years. Having been influenced heavily by the Chicago and Wisconsin underground scene in the late 90’s and early 2000’s he draws most of style and music selection from some of the Chicago House DJ Legends.

Currently Shawn holds a monthly residency at Club Voodoo in Madison, WI every 2 Saturday. He has played multiple events, clubs, and shows all over Wisconsin including; Ravers From Space, Vintage, Elation, All Keys, Nintendo Power, Because We Can 2 & 3, Magnifire, Jump Around, House of Love, For The Love of Bass, W!GGLE, Go Deep, Sweet Synthetic Sounds, and many more. With many shows coming up soon you are sure to catch him sometime if you haven’t already. He has also opened or played along side DJ’s; DJ 3D, Jevon Jackson, James Patrick, Woody McBride, Paul Birken, Marcus Watkins, Mahogany, Jaizen Mokwa, Poor Boy Rich, Hypnoassassin, RMX, Jes-One, Bogart, Diva D, Cthulhu, Jared Perez, Derek Fer Real, Aubrey Lee, Tim Kasper, Tony Kasper, Wyatt Agard, The Hermit, D’Angelo, Softcore Mikey and tons more.

Look for him and many upcoming shows, events, & music festivals.