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Shawn Barry

Los Angeles, United States

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Shawn Barry lives and breathes music. You’ll usually find this singer and songwriter wielding his guitar and bass guitar or laying down the rhythm on his drums, but he plays most other instruments as well. He finds that music connects people and has experienced this playing at home in Los Angeles as well as in faraway places like China, India, Australia and Brazil. Via Ibiza his travels brought him to Amsterdam, where he found a new home and a new audience, and where he currently works on new songs and recordings.

Shawn Barry was born and raised in New Hampshire. His father plays the drums and his mother the guitar, so music is in his genes. He was already proficient on several different instruments at a very young age, and soon found the need to spread his wings. Around the turn of the millennium he moved to Los Angeles, where he quickly fell in with a crowd of talented young musicians like Ray Kennedy, Brock Walsh, Benji Hughes and Fishbone.

Shawn became a prolific songwriter and got his first major break when he was offered a publishing contract. After that the ball started rolling with his local reggae hit ‘Back to the Parking Lot,’ a collaboration with Steele Pulse legend Ronnie ‘Steppa’ Mc Queen. It caught the ear of DJ Freq Nasty, who in 2007 asked Shawn to join him on a tour of Australia. Shawn describes the hugely successful tour as ‘Freq Nasty on the turntables and me running around with the microphone,’ and the dynamic duo did so in front of huge crowds of up to 50,000 people.

Back in L.A. he met producer Martin Terefe, who’d heard some of his demos and was impressed with his voice and his songs. Soon Shawn found himself in London’s Kensaltown Studios, working with the successful production team of Terefe and Sasha Skarbek. It was there that he met Waylon, with whom he co-wrote the song ‘Nothing to Lose.’ It appeared on the latter’s debut album Wicked Ways.

Shawn Barry’s album will most likely be called The Traveller, which after all is how Shawn Barry can best be described. “Music is the one place in life where you can instantly find freedom and individuality. That’s what attracted me to music in the first place, and that is what I want to convey to audiences all over the world,” says Shawn who, true to his nature, is already packing his bags for his next world tour – taking his music to the farthest corners of this world in his quest to exchange positive energy with crowds everywhere.