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Johannesburg, South Africa

Tech House, Techno

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Having always walked to the beat of her own drums, Sharm’s single minded mission is living her Truth with Pure Passion and soul enthused creativity, impacting hearts, one frequency at a time.

“It’s been my experience that I can do anything I apply my heart and soul to. I am a DJ. It’s my Free Spirit. I’ve intuitively followed the unconventional for a female DJ’ing path. Thus far it’s been about trusting that inner thrilling feeling when listening, playing music, writing and creating. It’s how I got to be in Flow. Music has always been a significant part of my life. “My true passion for DJ’ing though has nothing to do with the specific genre I play but everything to do with “MUSIC (that) gets my soul DANCING”. Though, TECHNO would be my first love but ssssssshhhhh don’t’ tell anyone! First and always a child of the Universe, a Star Seed, soulful, uniquely insightful and magically attuned to Light frequencies through my music. Clearly in Flow and mega excited to stir your world with SEKSItechno, SEKSIdeephouse, SEKSItechhouse and SEKSIhouse. It’s all about the “music (that) gets my soul dancing.” #SEKSiCuLLTURE be her DJ Brand.