Sharc Beatport


Ever gone to a party and seen a DJ so into his set, the energy spilled in to the crowd and the vibe was tremendous? Well, that’ what you get with Sharc. 28-year old Brandon Woodson, aka Sharc, is a NU-NRG UK Hardhouse DJ who is out to have a good time and make sure every one is enjoying themself.

Sharc has been spinning for three years, and has accrued residencies at Katatonic in Nashville, as well as running his promotion company, The Sharc Tank, in Atlanta.

You can catch Sharc predominantly in the Southeast in areas such as Atlanta, Nashville, Macon, Knoxville, and Bowling Green. 2002 looks to be a good year for Sharc as he looks to expand even further! If you like fun, then Sharc is your DJ!