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Shanu has been djing for more than 12 years now. His career choice may not seem surprising when you know that his father hosts a weekly radio show in Luxembourg, and music was an integral part of Shanu’s family. But the boy they named Shanu Sherwani claims that "I always wanted to be a singer, his heroes were Stevie Wonder, George Micheal, Aretha Franklin and the bands of Motown. To this day, he claims that “If I could swap being a dj to be in a band, I would”

That opportunity never arose. Instead, a teenage Shanu talked his way into a gig at the Mirano Continental Brussels on the lie that he’d already DJ’d loads of times, ’after which he landed a regular slots at the hotspots in Luxembourg, where, like many of his peers, he started playing old soul and funk and slowly moved into house music. He has played in most of the major cities in Europe and Middle East. As a DJ/Producer for Nylonrecords, he has moved into production and has released two compilations to date.

‘For every person who says ’clubbing was better five years ago,’ there’s someone new coming into it who will remember last Saturday like we remember 1990,’ says Shanu. ‘Everyone has their time and place. Everyone has their moment – a year or two when everything is the most exciting thing in the world. And that’s cool. As a DJ, you’ve got to try to help people have their moment all the time.’