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International DJ, producer, label owner, global player – it’s all expressions you can hear in everyday media. But who are the people behind those kind of expressions? Someone like you and me, or are they like ghosts? Shanghai today, Dallas tomorrow, sleeping on the plane and waking up in another time zone, on another continent, driven by what defines them as DJs – music.

Shane is definitely one of them. He was born in 1976 in Germany, started djing in the young age of 16 and found his home base years later at the event- and booking-agency “Hertzmusic” in Kaiserslautern early 2002. There he could be heard as resident DJ in the Cameo-Club and on the famous Hertzclub party-series from 2002-2007. But that was just the beginning.

After his first big gigs in Europe from 2000 onwards (like in Ibiza) he finally got the chance to show his skills on one of the biggest stages in the world. And that was to change his life forever:

In 2005 Shane became guest resident DJ of the Viproom in Shanghai. Together with its resident DJ Dave K he played one week long from Monday to Monday and could so claim his place in one of the world’s biggest cities, known for its outstanding nightlife scene. In August 2005 an exclusive live-set, recorded in the Viproom, was presented by Dave K in his radio show “Misty Shanghai”.

After his guest residency was finished in early 2006, Shane went on a small club tour through Shanghai’s hottest clubs like the Club Feel, the Viproom and the famous dkd. Through the dkd Shane could establish close ties to the Chinese underground music scene and become friends with dkd’s resident DJ Patrick Mai.

During his time in China, Shane mixed the 5th Volume of the “Electro Fashion” CD-compilation live in the Viproom, which then was presented by Chivas Regal and released in China. On that CD were two of Shane’s own tracks, “Hitomi”, a progressive house track, and a progressive breakbeat track called “Zero”. Both tracks were released in 2007 on the US label “Ocean Drive Records” (Miami) and topped the label sale charts for over 3 months.

In Germany however, Shane’s success remained largely unheard. Progress wasn’t that fast, electronic music developed to a more minimalistic style and DJs here stuck to using vinyl and turntables. What in the international scene had already become a standard still didn’t work in Germany.

The Asian scene fascinated Shane. Since his first trip to Shanghai in 2005, he couldn’t get rid of the feeling of never having returned from there. And all those Asian influences are still present in all his tracks and sets, which are affected by deep-, trance-, and progressive-house music.

April of 2007, Shane went to yet another club tour through some of China’s most influential cities – Shanghai, Shenzhen and Hong Kong. In a total of 7 locations, like in the Absolute House (Shanghai), which is one of China’s biggest clubs, he once more could prove his special skills. In September 2007 there was yet another club tour, where Shane has been traveling and hitting up the hottest locations of China, Hong Kong and Thailand 4 weeks long.

Back in Germany, Shane always used the time between touring for working on new tracks in his studio. All this hard work finally paid off in the end of 2007, when Shane got signed as an artist on “Bit Records Mexico”, one of the most influential progressive labels worldwide.

Pushed by all of 2007’s success, Shane decided in early 2008 to establish his very own label called “Jetlag Digital”. Working in the background, he’s planning to build up one of the first Germany-based internationally oriented progressive house labels.

After just starting to establish his label, Shane went on a 3 week-long club tour to the USA, where he played in major clubs in Dallas, Austin and San Antonio. Once more, the tour has been a complete success.

In April 2008, right after returning to Germany, Shane’s first EP on Bit Records Mexico was released, the “2nd Truth EP”. Just one month later it was followed by his second release, a remix of DJ Yoram’s “Waste of Words”.

Still relatively unknown in Germany, Shane managed to claim his place as a DJ and producer in the international music scene, and was able to show in an impressive way how real global dance music works.