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Shane Ocean

Las Vegas, United States

Techno, Trance

Factory 918 Achromic
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Shane is not just another DJ in this easily left behind EDM scene, he is a trance activist. Founder of the Las Vegas Trance Movement and co-founder of the Trance Arson weekly movement with Michael Blain, he is tirelessly striving to create an underground scene that has never fully existed in the desert. After years of residencies in and around Dallas, TX, and being relocated around the country by the Air Force several times, he has undertaken the biggest challenge of all: injecting real trance into a major American city on a weekly basis.

His influences range from Ferry Corsten to Randy Katana and far beyond, but by creating unique intro edits to each set and cultivating tracks into his own style based on venue and crowd energy, an apt comparison cannot be made to any existing artist. He has played with big names at festivals and clubs alike, but his mentality is not about name dropping, it is about trance music itself, plain and simple.

He is currently the director of A & R at Factory 918’s Achromic division and is also a contributing producer/remixer to the label. Achromic’s goal to bring trance back to the golden edgy beauty of years past perfectly matched up with Shane’s desires and the partnership was born. The Las Vegas Trance Movement has also been documented in The Guardian Express which has readership extending beyond Las Vegas across the globe through their heavily trafficked website. His quote in the interview sums up his philosophy very well: “Without trance music, so many other genres of music would currently be years behind where they are now. Pop music such as Britney Spears, and even legendary rock bands such as Radiohead, have been implementing trance into their songs and albums for years. Most people don’t even realize that they are already fans of trance even when they claim that they have never heard of it before. The Las Vegas Trance Movement isn’t about money or prestige for the artists involved; it is about a distinctive movement to embrace a form of music that is all about love and unity through consciousness. Europe has been infatuated with the beauty of trance for a very long time and it is about time that the United States opened their eyes and ears to what this music is all about.”

His hard hitting big room psychedelic sounds have Vegas in their crosshairs, but rest assured that the entire planet is on the horizon.