Shaman Beatport


DJ Shaman has actually been DJ’ing since he was 14 years old. Back then he was known as DJ Miko yet he was doin’ the top forty thing at school dances and house partys. It wasnt until Feb. of 2000 where at Frostbite in Albany NY he saw DJ Micro perform for the first time and fell deeply in love with Techno/Trance music. Soon after he went out and bought his first set of turntables and practiced for hours on end. 4 Months later, Shaman and one of his best friends, Rick Mussio aka Chico pooled all of their money together, called themselves WuBaDang Productions"The meaning of WBD is top secret" and in November, threw “Laced” which was rocked by local legends such as Dames, Cyrax and Half-Pint.

By this time, Shaman was developing his own style so he decided he was ready to put out a mix. In Feb. of 2001 Shaman went into the studio and recorded DJ Shaman: The Chosen One. With tracks and remixes by the likes of Gouryella, Micro and Joshua Ryan, The chosen one was met with great reviews buy his friends and piers. Yet it wasnt until “Fate”, WBD’ second official event, that things really started happening for DJ Shaman. With the healining act being no other then the likes of the man himself, DJ Micro along with X Dream, Shaman took a huge risk to fulfill a dream, He put himself on to open for Micro. Here is what some of the critics had to say about that night and his set, “I JUST WANTED TO SAY THAT I HAD A GREAT TIME AT FATE LAST NIGHT, SHAMAN TORE IT UP! I CAN’T BELIVE THIS KID HAD MORE PEOPLE DANCIN’ TO HIS SET THEN MICRO DID!” and “Not being from the Albany area, this was my first chance to hear DJ Shaman, of Wu-Ba-Dang Productions, spin. I have to say I was impressed. Other than Micro and of course X-Dream, Shaman seemed to have the biggest following of the night. As he began his set, the crowd went wild and I don’t honestly remember them stopping until he did.”

Since then, Shaman’ booking schedule has been steadily increasing with jobs as far away as Nevada. Whats next for DJ Shaman? As of now he is planning on releasing his second mix “Deep inside of you” sometime in mid February 2002. This mix is special because Shaman teamed up with Twisted Pair and along with the cd is releasing a fully intelligent visual set on VHS with an “Alice in Wonderland” theme. Keep an eye out for this kid, He may soon be destroying a dance floor near you.