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Shakeh is an Artist constantly exploring and showcasing her talents. She discovered her love and appreciation for the Arts at a very young age, with the background of piano, guitar, musical theatre, choir and opera. Eventually, Shakeh embarked on a journey to create, perform and embrace the Arts as a profession. Shakeh wrote and recorded songs ranging from Rock to Electronic music. Originally a musician mainly focused on singing/songwriting, she naturally transformed into a producer. Having a classical musical background, Shakeh utilized her skills the second she stepped into a studio, resulting in remixes for various electronic artists and to her latest debut production album, “September Morning” (Boiler House Records). As a singer-songwriter, Shakeh’s releases hit Beatport’s genre charts within days of their release: “Say Yes” (Uno Recordings), “Is It Me,” and “Trouble” (Boiler House Records); “Alvilda” would be her latest production release which also charted on Beatport. Her work is supported by the industry’s heavy hitters, such as Paul Oakenfold, which he included “Say Yes” in his July “DJ Box” compilation and in his sets (both live and radio-podcast), and “Is It Me” debuting at the Electronic Daisy Carnival in Las Vegas. “Trouble” (Boiler House Records), is her third collaboration with Remy Le Duc and the EC Twins, again, charting on Beatport’s 100 under Progressive House. “In Motion” (Black Hole Recordings) and “From Far Away” (Boiler House Records) are her two other collaborative tracks with Remy Le Duc and Zen Freeman. You can find “In Motion” in multiple compilations under Black Hole Recordings. Shakeh continues to write and collaborate in the studio while she works on her new side project, TRAYDKRAFT: Hear their sounds at