Shaan Beatport


DJ Shan (a.k.a. Shannon Kuehn) was thrust into the Nebraska electronic music scene in the fall of 2000. She initially never really had any aspiration to officially become a DJ, however all of that changed when she started seeing her favorite local DJs perform at various area events and club nights. Being an avid music lover for many years, she decided she wanted to get behind the decks and give the Nebraska area some female DJ representation. Something clicked and she immediately began the rather slow process of saving for turntables.

About two years from the dream’s inception, DJ Shan met Tommie Emmi (a.k.a. Plan 9), a long standing local drum ‘n’ bass DJ and owner of Cymbalism Recordings from Omaha. Underneath the direction of Emmi, by combining his mentoring and guidance, she learned the fundamentals of mixing two records together. Once she had grasped the beginning concepts behind DJing, she practiced and practiced, determined to jump deep into a scene that was extremely male driven.

DJ Shan emerged inside the Nebraska electronic music scene during the summer of 2003. Her long awaited debut came when local deep house DJ Brent Crampton booked her to play at The Stage Right Coffee Shop Sessions in downtown Omaha, Nebraska. From that point, word spread quickly about DJ Shan. She began to receive opening slots for local DJ residents at clubs in Omaha and Lincoln, as well as bookings for underground dance parties in the area. DJ Shan grew into this pioneering female DJ role for the Nebraska electronic music scene and started paving the way for future female DJs.

DJ Shan moved to Chicago in September of 2004, in hopes of achieving more career wise. After taking a break from DJing, she’s ready to come back and give it to the listeners with both barrels ready. But the question remains: Are YOU ready?!?