Top 25k on The DJ List


Halifax, Canada

Progressive House, Trance


Although Canada’s east coast is known for it’s large techno, house, and breaks scene, it is still the home of thus young producer, Ryan Champion (aka SGF).

Ryan has been producing music since early 2000 and has been growing and developing his own since since. Despite being the only known trance producer on the east coast, he still manages to get heard around the world. He’s worked and remixed for such artists as Euroboyz “US”, Acute “UK”, and Cally & Juice “UK”, to name a few.

Currently taking some time away from the production side of things after the completion of his first, and long awaited, album. Despite the lack of production lately, there has been talk about a 2nd album, as well as a 3rd, to be expected in the next 2 years.

His style ranges from hard, melodic, progressive, cookie cutter, psy, and chill. Now, currently at the age of 18, he has grown alot since the beginning, both as a person and producer, and says himself that he has a long journey ahead of him.

To him, the skies are simply a beginning. . .