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Tilburg, Netherlands

House, Trance

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Born in Breda 27 october 1968 as Arjan Beerens as the son of a carpenter. As a child he allways listened to the radio or his father playing the mouth-harmonica. Singing all day and listening to artists as Jean-Michelle Jarre and Vangelis f.e. music became more and more part of his life. Interested in making mixes, remixes he listened every week to Ben Liebrand, a pioneer in DJ-world. After years of just listening music, partying and singing songs in the house just as a hobby , he started making mixes and remixes himself. In 2004 it became more and more his thing and people started to know his mixes and remixes he posted all over the internet with different genres as house,trance,club under his alias “DJ Sexa”. But eventhough music from Paul Kalkbrenner was favorit ..the non-commercial stuf was so mind-exploring and in 2010 he started to make his own tracks as he got inspired as he watched Deadmau5 making some music as he was on Ustream-cam. It brought him tracks as “Meow Meow” ( inspired on that Deadmau5 show with his cat Professor Meowingtons) and Luna 6, a spacy track that leads you beyond any universum. These tracks were first made under the alias DJ Sexa , but because of it’s non-commercial sounds he decided to make electronica sounds under a new brand alias “A.F.J.Project”. “Egypt”. Promo: 1 September 2011: webrelease Lingua Sensational 11 november 2011: webrelease Beauty Inside 15 Februari 2012 : webrelease I.C.U.