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Seven (Sf)

San Francisco, United States


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Location: San Francisco, United States United States
Genre: House

DJ Seven Fun Bio:

I have been a DJ since the summer of 1989 when a neighborhood friend asked me to DJ her wedding. I played from my CD collection on a couple of home CD players. CDs had only been around for a few years.

I played 80s rock and nu wave like The Police, The Cure, U2 and New Order. Things shifted when I opened my mind to hip hop while attending college in San Diego although the Beastie Boys, NWA, Too Short and RunDMC had already made an impression in high school.

I was talking into checking out some of the early raves in San Francisco and discovered house music through these friends who were renegading it on the weekends in the bunkers of Marin Headlands and on the beaches of Santa Cruz.

I began promoting raves in the Bay Area in 1995 while watching, listening and occasionally practicing on the turntables of some friends who were either DJing or trying to DJ. My first gigs were playing at some of these parties.

I took a break from all the parties to try and do something with my college degree but came back to music when the dot.coms hit SF in 1999, landing a job with a music

I got my first regular gig playing for people at Backflip (SF) in 1999. The managers were pleased with my work and asked me to DJ and promote a couple NYE parties for Y2K in 2000 and Space Odyssey NYE 2001. I still DJ at this venue today nearly 15 years later (it’s now Chambers Eat + Drink).

I met a girl at a Wicked rave in 1999 at Club Townsend who ended up being my first true love. This relationship lasted (in it’s romantic form) for four and a half years. We lived together in an Upper Haight flat where I spent all my extra money at Amoeba and Tweekin Records and began to look at DJing more as a career and less as a hobby.

I started putting out mix CDs for local friends and house music lovers in San Francisco. The first was called “House is a Tempo” and another that I get still get asked about is “Make the Magic Happen”.

I broke up with above mentioned love and moved into a house full of “burners” who told me that if I didn’t go to Burning Man with them then I would have to listen to them talk about it for the next year around the house. So I went. Day one at Black Rock City, my world was flipped on it’s head and by the end of that first day I was dancing with new friends wearing nothing but a sarong. I did some DJing at Burning Man and went back for many years in a row. There is no party on earth quite like it.

I started a record label called Lo-Rise and was also attending WMC Miami conferences while still working for the music company. went dot.bust and I decided to give DJing and the record industry my full-time attention.

I met a girl at the End Up who because my GF for three years. We started a promotion/production company, NK7, with a third partner and threw parties at some of the larger clubs and underground venues around San Francisco. We broke up, and she moved to LA to become a yoga instructor. NK7 was no more.

I couched surfed for a while but eventually got a real flat in the Tenderloin. I DJ many wild parties a year but usually end up playing at someone’s house party or at some outdoor renegade with names like Toxic Beach or the Golden Gate Park Horseshoe Pits.

When not DJing I enjoy riding my bike, playing golf or watching baseball (mostly Giants games). I refuse to grow old too fast.

When I get asked what kind of music I play I usually answer, “A bit of everything, really.”

I put together a compilation of tunes for my Mom. When she listened to them on a long road trip through the desert she told me that she was able to get inside my mind and understood me in a new way. My downtempo mix “Chillin Like Dylan” was on this flash drive.

I play the piano but haven’t played in years. I sometimes think I can play the drums, often while driving a car.

I still DJ weddings and I still DJ at underground afterhours parties.

I did not copy Lee Burridge’s style when writing this bio.

I lied in this bio once (sorry).