Aaron Spence aka Seval is one of those people who sits in his house all week in front of his computer or on his decks perfecting his production and DJ’Ing Skills, Now 18 he has been producing for little over three months and has been praised as a “real talent”.

Seval has made a real change over his career as when he began he aspired to become a hard style DJ but as he listened to more styles of music introduced to him by his friend and fellow Dj Andy Sevil, he soon realized that the sounds of progressive house and funky Techno had a more devastating effect in a club compared to the more extreme sounds of the Harder scene.

When Seval and Sevil step behind a set of decks the result is truly unbelievable as they always leave the dancefloor speechless and begging for more and now more than ever they can show off their skills as the exams are over, so in the famous words of Andy Sevil “we are here to rock you”