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The year is 1995; a classically trained musician named Seth Vogt arrives in Orlando, Florida to discover a growing scene of cybernetic sounds radiating from the local underground. After a year of studying the sounds and production techniques, he started producing tracks with Sam Mollison (the voice of Sasha’s “Magic and Higher Ground”) and Michael Tucker (2001 Grammy Nominee for ‘N Sync’s “Bye, Bye, Bye”) under the name of H.E.R.O. In 1998, Seth set up shop remixing at Transcontinental Studios and then finally located to his own studio in 1999. In early 2001, he was added to the prestigious management roster of Hype Music. His impressive discography of remixes includes acts such as Alicia Keys, ‘N Sync, Usher, Trina, Wyclef Jean, Craig David, and many others. In 2003, Sunkissed Records released Seth Vogt’s track “The Unknown” in which Seth brought Sam Mollison back for a vocal collaboration. The Unknown received steady play from many big name DJ’s such as Satoshi Tommie who also featured it on John Digweeds Kiss FM show. In 2004, Seth’s remix of Andy Lings’ “Calling Angels” was released on Fluid Sessions with great reception. In 2005 Fluid Sessions released Seth Vogt’s Siamese remix of Jimmy Van M’s “ECIPS”. This remix hit number one on Hernan Cattaneo’s chart right away. Bill Hamel and Seth Vogt’s highly anticiapted original track “Outbreakz” was also released in 2005 with great response. The colaboration between Hamel and Vogt continues for a a remix of Rene Amesz track “Fragile” for Sander Kleinenberg’s Little Mountain Recordings. This remix, which is one of Seth’s best works, will be released in the fall of 2005. You can catch Seth on Euphoric Excursion ( which now airs Mondays 6-8pm(EST) and is repeated Fridays 6-8am (EST).