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Session Victim

Berlin, Germany


Air London, Delusions Of Grandeur, Hairy Claw
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Repping it for RETREAT & DELUSIONS OF GRANDEUR while ripping dancefloors across Europe, SESSION VICTIM are renowned for unleashing the whole package of house, disco & soul power.

Catch them on the one’s and two’s and you will find a devoted pair of vinyl DJ’s playing it from the heart with every record and be sure not to miss their blood, sweat and no tears live set; you’ll most likely find the club turned upside down, no matter if it’s Hamburg’s EGO, Berlin’s TAPE , Zürich’s ZUKUNFT or London’s CORBET PLACE.

From Hauke Freer’s MY BEAT debut 12” in 2007 to Matthias Reiling’s “Das Gespenst von Altona” LP in 2010, SESSION VICTIM have released a ton of funk via REAL SOON, MORRIS AUDIO, HAIRY CLAW, DOG, GIEGLING, Hauke’s vinyl only imprint RETREAT and most recently WOLF MUSIC.

Being played regularly from a wide spectrum of DJ’s like JIMPSTER, SEBO K, THE REVENGE and MR SCRUFF, Hauke & Matthias don’t care about the boundaries of house music, taking it from Disco to Soul to Hiphop and back, stamping love on every groove and leaving a smile on everyone’s faces.



No Friends EP, 12” (Real Soon, 2008)

The Joy of Painting EP, 12” (Hairy Claw, 2008)

Out on Love, 12” (Retreat, 2009)

Late Runner EP, 12” (Real Soon, 2009)

Left the Building EP, 12” (Delusions of Grandeur, 2010)

On the Roll, 12” (Retreat, 2010)

Million Dollar Feeling, 12” (Delusions of Grandeur, 2010)


Treats Vol. 1 (Retreat, 2009)

Treats Vol. 2 (Retreat, 2010)


My Beat (Real Soon, 2007)

Hungry EP (Morris Audio, 2008)


Das Gespenst von Altona (GIEGLING, 2010)


Agnes – Hi Murda (Session Victim Remix) (RESOPAL RED)

Aldo Cadiz & Antonio de Angelis – Thunder (Session Victim Voodoo Workout) (OFF)

Andre Zimma – Mermaids Bay (Session Victim Remix) (SWEDISH BRANDY)


Paw to the Floor EP – “Wewanttothankallourfriends” (WOLF MUSIC)

SEBO K mixes Watergate – “Contribute” (WATERGATE)

15 Years of COOKIES – “Memory Lane” (COOKIES