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Sesan Fajemisin

London, United Kingdom


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I call myself a YTS (DJ in training) but i have been lucky enough through hard work and dedication to have played in some amazing places My first major gig was in Beirut after only learning to Mix for 3 months (can you imagine playing in front of a large crowd when you have been a bedrooom DJ and you have to ask the sound engineer how the equipment works)

3 years on i am still learning, but one thing i know is Music (i have been collecting music since i was 7 and 33 years on my knowledge of every genre is pretty good), and i love to dance and party with the crowd , so maybe thats a what it takes to be a DJ

The one thing i will say is i still believe my generation had the best time , because we saw the real birth of house music, Acid,house, Trance,Drum and Base, Garage ,Deep ,Electro and Soulful house plus the rest and the start of some major pirate radio stations getting their radio licence and becoming house hold names , like Kiss FM

I just Love music ,and love to play out for music lovers watch out for my full range of mixes