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Sergio Patricio

Barcelona, Spain

Electro House, Tech House

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Sergio Patricio is an Electronic music DJ, producer and pioneer of some of the most innovative trends and techniques in tech-house music in Spain. Passionate, eclectic but always true to his style, avant-garde, innovative, self-assured, this is Sergio Patricio.

Born in Barcelona Sergio has invaluable experience in clubs, organizing music events and beyond. Sergio started in 1994 almost by accident, and has since tried to make others aware of his profound passion of music by creating trends in each of his sets and performances. Sergio fuses hybrid tech-house, industrial music, minimal house and tribal. Once Sergio realized his passion and talent he opened his first club with Xavi II “septimo cielo”. Soon after he relocated to Ibiza where, he was able to spin regularly in some of the most prestigious clubs of the island. Some of the clubs that Sergio performed at were Angel’s,Pacha, Space and Privilege.

Sergio returned to Barcelona in 1995 and joined two local legendary techno-houses Apollo and San Francisco. Soon after his return, he joined Night Sun Group, one of the leaders groups of the underground sound in Barcelona. Sergio joined as a partner, producer and regular performer at one of the most emblematic clubs at the moment: La Terrrazza (world top ranked club by prestigious magazine DJ Mag), Fellini Estacio de Franca, Discothèque, Tijuana, Fellini ramblas, and Cabaret Berlin. During this time, as part of La Terrazza Open Air Tour, Sergio had the opportunity to tour and spin in the most important electronic music clubs in Europe: Paris (La Loco & Queen, where he was performing),Lyon, Marsella (club Bazar); Treviso, Italia (New York Jazz), Jesolo, Italia (Il muretto); Amberes (Cafe d’Anvers) Helsinki (red drum), Berlin, Frankfurt (v60311) Moscu (JetSet); Goteborg (Club Gusto); Ekatemburgo (Club Isterika), Sant petersburgo (Opium); San Jose, Costa Rica (Vertigo Club, Playa Malpais & Playa tamarindo) Madrid (Goa) La Radio (Santiago). And he has been able to share the stage with figures like Jeff Mills, Sven Väth, Francesco Farfa, Anderson Noise (Brasil), Mark Night (UK), Josh Wink (Philadelphia), M.A.N.D.Y (Berlin), Silicone Soul (UK) The holy trinity project (UK), Eric Morillo (Colombia), Bob Sinclair (Francia), John Acquaviva (Italia) and Danny Howells (UIk); and other famous national DJs like Iñigo Oruezabal, Jose Franco, Gustavo López, Mario Maqueda, o Alberto R.

Nearly 16 years after Sun Night Group, Sergio Patricio remains true to his distinctive style and the essence of tech-house. His passion and drive has always been to strengthen the Spanish electronic music culture, bringing it into contact with as many people, countries and cultures as possible. It is with this idea that Sergio has began to develop his role as a producer. Sergio began exploring this side of the industry in 2000 with several remixes with the producers Moncho and Aljosa and collaborated on the project Big Black Beat. The mixes were a blend of organic compositions, new and innovative to the tech house music scene. This production group led to the creation of the mix Movirecord, which was hugely successful in Europe. Sergio continued with his passions and created his own label, Rambla Sound. Noteably, all of Sergio´s productions have been published by leading record companies as Sodens, Arcade, Azrecords, Kindustria, or Metropolrecords. These collections includes LaTerrrazza, discotheque, and Tijuana sessions.

Sergio Patricio is tireless in his role as DJ, but above all, he strives to be an entrepreneur in the world of electronic music. Currently, Sergio has been spinning in the renovated club Row 14, where he plays regularly with artists like Marc Maya, Xavi VII, Oscar Aguilera, Miss Erika, Türko, Iu and Ricard, Gersound. Sergio´s extensive experience and repor with industry leaders has helped put Row14 on the music scene in Barcelona and given Sergio a stage to express his ambition with music and be able to collaborate with other artists in the industry. Sergio´s new project at Row 14 is called Colors Club Collective. This project is a revolution of the electronic music industry. The inspiration for this project came from a decision that made overnight discos illegal in Barcelona. Along with music enthusiasts, Sergio felt there was a void in the tech-house music scene and wanted to explore the possibilities of bringing this style of music and disco back. With this aim in mind, the Colors parties intend to organize monthly events that combine quality, cutting-edge electronic music, animated performances and cultural activities. It will also be a meeting point for loyal fans, club enthusiasts, groups, and DJs. Row 14 will provide multi-room space with this initiative, providing a space for people to come together, celebrate music, see artists at work and feel free to express themselves through music.

With this ambitious project, Sergio Patricio challenges the traditional ¨disco¨.: Colors is a 14 hour non-stop environment where the music guides the people through various spaces and activities: screenings of short films (with the collaboration of the International Short Film Festival Barcelona, Mecal) proposed various artistic groups (led by Max Hausmann), art (Decoliflor), and especially music of all backgrounds and styles. Some of the artists included in this project are Supernova, Doomwork (Italy), Anton Pieete (Netherlands), BE.LANUIT, Gel abril & Audio Junkies (Israel), y Cesar Merveille (France).