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From ends of the 70s Sergio Mix showed interesting by the dance music, when the current of the disk appeared was alone a teenager and I am dedicated to experience at home with alone 5 disks in 45 rpm, then it acquired his first one 12" single in the 79 and then was like I begin his career as dj, entering in the current electro-pop, new wave and the house of the 80s. After it to have moved these rhythms as mobile dj passes great part of this decade (80s) like club dj in a prestigious one venue of Panama to the middle of the 90s, during all this period Sergio Mix experiences as producer and remixer creating its own works of artists of the epoch for the radio and use in its presentations as dj. At that time after to have fought with the house, acid and the so acquaintance HNRG. Sergio mix is found with the evolution of the dance music " the electronica " since the year 92 touching techno after to have gone to its first fair of djs in Los Angeles California that same year and in 95 experiences with the first tracks of the trance until the end of century when decides to express its own style and to be remained with this last one (trance). Sergio Mix entered in the radio since the year 84 thus giving opportunity of promoting the culture dance in Panama and becomes the first dj in having a radio show with the generate dance and even now is maintained in force. This gives him the opportunity to share scene with djs and producers as Mauro Piccoto, Fragma, dave ralph, kay cee, marc et claud, george goes to bed, Oliver Klein, Humate, Cosmic Gate, Dumonde, Ayla & Dj Tandu, Ferry Corsten, Gadjo (Ministry of Sound party), Paul Harris from Dirty Vegas, Benny Benassi, Antoine Clamaran, Tiesto, Robbie Rivera and Paul Van Dyk among others but. Since that fair in Los Angeles Sergio Mix not to stops traveling and to share with other djs of the world above all in each “winter music conference” in the city of Miami, thanks to all these experiences Sergio Mix to been able to represent to Panama in other countries and to be recognized internationally as icon of the electronics in Panama. It was not to this year 2004 that Sergio Mix does its dbut as dj producer fusing its musical tendencies with the producer G-Tek, then is when is born “Elemental”, a production that contains 11 tracks which carries the seal of the dj in the last one track of this album thus being the first one in publishing an album with electronic music manufactured in Panama. Sergio mix is the dj but respected and with more path as for electronics refers in Panama and considered as the pioneer and the propellant of the culture dance in the center of the world and heart of the universe "Panama"And Comming soon the new compilation and mixed by Sergio Mix called “Hilfiger Denim Sessions Vol. 1”, with Artists from labels like Istmo Music, Blacklight Records, South Records and more… wait for it.