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Sergio Fernandes, borned day 20th on January 1981 in Andorra raised in Portugal in the city of Viana do Castelo (Portugal), from 13 years old, started to touch a tour of his grandfather records in which tried doing sratch with some very old records. More or less on his 15 and 16 years old, started to frequent his first discoteque and precisely frequenting was one of them, when felt the real passion for being deejay. This night was Saint John at the Oporto Rocks’s Discoteque, he saw for the first time that one of the best internacional deejays in cabin remixing, a cabin which had features as a gegant mirror behind the huge of deejay, in which it was enable see all the changes who did with the vinyls and the bureau of mixtures.

After thousands of magazines read about the world of music, he downloaded on net, the rebirth software taking off a digital synthesizer, and started how play with sounds for the first time, making his first imaginations, and it was with the same program that maked his first party at home.

With the pass of the years he became one of the reference Dj..s in the Tech house scene in his home country (Spain). He was resident in NightClubs such as Surf (Andorra) and played in the top clubs all around Europe.

Sergio set..s are spoted as “wide range” because he can play from the Fresh Tribal and Tech House to Minimalist. The empathy created with his crowd made him a very desired dj and a most wanted in any top club.