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Sergei Loginov

Denver, United States

Berberis, Little Helpers, P.U.N.C.H.I.S. Records
Sergei Loginov Beatport


Born In Belarus, Sergei Loginov has started his DJ career when he barely turned 16 by playing records at the high school and then college. His early taste was highly influenced by bass heavy speed garage style along with early Chicago house that was played almost in every club at that time. In 2002 he moved permanently to the United States, taking some time off from spinning and adopting the new culture he’s been exposed to. But true passion for the music didn’t let him stay for too long off from the house scene. He started his first ever USA residency in 2003 in a small club called ‘Stardust’ in Atlantic City. After this “new” start Sergei has been holding down house, techno and tech house residencies across the USA, playing at some smaller and bigger venues and parties in New York, Atlantic City, Vail etc. His first residency in Denver Sergei Loginov started in the underground club “Sublevel 31” in 2008 where he held weekly residency. 2009 became a turning point for Sergei after he joined P.U.N.C.H.I.S. techno collective, founded with the intention of creating wholly unique, forward-thinking dance parties, and motivated by an obsession for the latest in cutting edge, underground electronic music sampled from around the world. Today him and the P.U.N.C.H.I.S DJ collective are weekly residents in the Beatport Lounge at Beta Nightclub. Under his former nick – Diizel – he’s seen a lot of action… To date, Sergei played with some very famous artists in the world’s techno scene such as Martinez, Guy Gerber, Paco Osuna, Alex Celler, ONNO, Santé, Simon Baker, Luca Bacchetti, Martin Buttrich, Fur Coat, Nick Curly, Hipp-e, Nitin, Justin Sloe of DROOG, Michael Rosa, Mikael Stavostrand, Lorenzo Bartoletti, DJ Three, Yooj, Dela, Panos and Sentenza and with one of the Best local Djs/Producers such as Josh Manke, Danny Marin,Toni Rodelli, Oonaslim, Andre Orcutt and many more. Sergei’s first production EP called “Let’s Go Roasted” was signed by a very strong tech house label from Berlin called Waldliebe Familien. The EP got early support with the industry leaders such as Richie Hawtin, Luciano, Steve Lawler, Stacey Pullen and more. His 2nd EP was released in November on the Natural Rhythm label with the remixes by Alex Celler, Martinez and Horatio and getting again huge support with many big names. But this is only the beginning for Sergei, he is currently spending many hours in the studio and planning to release more tracks in the nearest future.