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Seattle, United States

House, Trance

Pussyrockerz Rec
Serg Beatport


Originally from Belarus, his real name is Sergei. He moved to America for a risen, and now he lives here in Seattle Washington. Wane serge was at young age his dad gave him piano lessens, in couple years serge graduated, My dad always told me that Im going to be a great pianist player," Serg Says, by that time Sergei had deferent taste of music until serg heard electronic sounds then his love changed to deferent styles and it was trance, progressive trance, house and disco; later on serge started to remix and produce his own electronic music. For the first time in his life wane he was at his friends Dance Party and their was dj who was mixing music on two turntables Sergei got really being interested in being dj, his interest become more and more positive so serge decided to buy own turntables so he could teach him self how to mix music and Serg got Success. And then he made his first mixed album and it was called “In Search Of Summer” We all know that to accomplish our goals and dreams in life, we must work hard; and nothing says working hard like teaching yourself how to mix music. You can listen and download DJ Serg’s records and mixes at his website