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Affiliates: House Cafe Music, FSR, Maya Records, Peng Records, Turntables On The Hudson, Nylon Recordings, Republic

Born and raised in Williamsburg Brooklyn, New York, Joseph Valentin A.K.A. Seph’s musical influences came straight from the founders of House, whose classic records he began to collect in the mid 80’s. Although originally bought for sheer listening enjoyment, his vinyl collection grew to the point that Djing became inevitable. With hopes of making his own productions and events, Seph founded the Funky Soul Rebels, a collective of Djs and Producers who have been moving the dance community since 1994. Within a few years (The late 90’s) he had established Williamsburg Brooklyn’s first popular weekly House residency with “Brooklynite” and revived the loft party scene with the “Space” and “Beyond The Dance” events. As a result, Seph has hosted and played at some of NYC’s most memorable parties alongside some of the industry’s finest.

In June 2000, along with DiY’s Diggs & Woosh, Seph released “The Heatwave” EP on Otro Recordings with partner Ven (Steven Garcia). Shortly afterwards, the duo (Seph & Ven) would go on to release their big single “In Your Arms” on Rhythm Love Records (Turntables On The Hudson). Both tracks received praise from critics and where picked up for various compilations, which began to open doors around the world. During his travels Seph found a second home in Spain, with DJ Ino. It was there that he helped launch the crew’s own record label, House Cafe Music. Aside from releasing his own material on HCM, Seph has been on Various labels since, using his name and going under other alias (Valentin and Dreamer’s Dub).

Through his efforts to open people from all walks of life to the true soul of House, Seph continues to attract a global following. He currently plays in his hometown of NYC with his new collective “Republic” (Holmar Filipsson, Connie, Kiwi, Greg Oreck, Ino and Jaymz Nylon) and tours Europe and the continental U.S..

Whether rocking crowds worldwide, organizing memorable events or making beats in the studio, Seph is working to redefine what people think of House Music.