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Detroit, United States

Electro House, Techno

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Raised on the East side of Detroit, Seoul had an early start in music. At a young age, various forms of counterculture sounds and movements heavily influenced him. His formal training began in 1985 with the drums, and continues today with both traditional, and electronic instruments.

On October 13th, 1995 it was at the Metroplex Records’ tenth year anniversary party that DJ Seoul was born. It was at this time that Bill figured out the difference between good music, bad music and Detroit music. Seoul remembers listening to The Wizard’s mix shows on WJLB and the Electrifying Mojo on WGPR, and credits those as early influences on his style. He also credits Detroit House legends, Terrence Parker, Kenny Dixon Jr., Mike Clark and Theo Parrish as influencing his early career as a House DJ. Later he developed his expertise as an Electro/Techno Bass DJ. He cites influences: Aux 88, Drexciya, Model 500, Ectomorph and Dopplereffekt, and electronic pioneers Kraftwerk, Yellow Magic Orchestra, The Egyptian Lover, Afrika Bambaataa and Man Parrish.

It was a natural fit for him to play the music that he loved, representing his home town properly by playing Detroit Music. Playing wide assortments of music, from Electro, Hip-Hop and Rare Groove, to House, and Detroit Techno, DJ Seoul has become known for his style of bringing a Hip-Hop Turntablist style of mixing and scratching to his set regardless of genre

In 1996 he co-founded Bang Tech 12 with Greg Montgomery aka. DJ Eclipse. Bang Tech once represented many acts that have gone on to influence the world, including DJ Minx, Magda, Jerry The Cat, DJ Moreese and 8en. Bang Tech 12 was responsible for many large scale, quality underground events in Detroit in the mid to late nineties.

In addition to a 12 year DJ career that has taken him across the world, Bill writes and produces electronic music with great attention to detail. He collects vintage synthesizers and drum machines which he uses to create music with a very distinct sound.

DJ Seoul looks upon the future with determination and hope, “The time is over for looking down our noses in disdain at our fellow man because their beliefs are different, or because they lack the teaching to make educated decisions. By creating a knowledge base, sharing knowledge, and teaching the history of Detroit music to the masses, the uneducated understand and the weak become strong. Through education and cultivation, we can destroy the mediocre standards that have been placed as barriers in the music industry” . With DJ Seoul in its ranks, the Detroit Techno Militia will continue to usher in an era of change through the art of noise.