Top 50k on The DJ List

Senior Osty

Pátra, Greece

Progressive House


Senior Osty aka George St.woke up from his music oblivion at the tender age of 12,when a next door piano sounds came 2 his ears.Everything after that where never the same!

Fanatic radio listener at the begining George tried to find the sounds that differ from the ordinary mainstream tracks that used to b released at the beging of the 90’s.The timing was crutial and George discovered the music wave that hit Greece at the time.Acid house,techno and trance were his first dj influence where a fact!His 1st dj sets began at privat parties in a an era of great music experimentation.

The middle to end of the 90’s found Senior known amongst the people that prefered privat parties and listened to pirate radio,thing that had started from his 14 with a daily 2 hour radio show.

George’s beginning in his nightly music trip begined at 1998 when his 1st residency at a local club was reality.At that time and with the passing of time adopted the theory of"mutating"his sets acording to the style of the venue that hosts him,but without abandoning his music style,theory that still follows him.

The follow up was the bay back of a great effort.The most known club of the city signed him for a weekly residency and the same happened at with his radio show that had moved 2 a legal station and in prime time zone.

Everything else came up very fast.2000 was generous with him:great gigs at privat parties all over the country,moved at the newly born radio station “MOJO”,signing at the best beach bar-club of Rio “Bahar” for exclusive collaboration,where his music dreams came true for 5 years.It was there where he achieved to pass on to the middle listener non mainstream sounds that finally made the difference to the city!

The following years untill now find Senior defining his music style as “Deep,Dark & Sexy” after the influece of dj’s and producers like Kevin Yost,Deep Dish,Troentmoller,Dousk,Jose Padilla,Francois Kevorkian,Phill Mison.

Under a pause cause of his compulsory military service George still keeps up his collaboration with radio under the shelter of “Mojo”,2 different residencies at “pas mal”and “sud”,and many privat gigs.