Senadee Beatport


“Your intellect may be confused, but your emotions will never lie to you.” Roger Ebert.

It is this simple and certain comprehension with which Senadee crafts his music. Brought into the world thousands of miles from where he’d eventually end up, raised in the council estates of the South-East, and polished in the forgiving landscapes of the North-West.

Much has been said about Senadee, who with just a few well chosen dance productions under his belt has become one of the most sought after male vocalists and songwriters on the dance scene right now whilst simultaneously alluding to a far greater calling.

His vocal collaborations with artists such as Ben Gold, Thomas Datt and John Askew have featured on countless compilations including big hitters from Warner, Sony and Armada Music.

Bubbling under the surface, Senadee has been crafting his own unique brand of brooding pathos pop that touches the soul both lyrically and melodically and has led to his debut solo single being snapped up by Paul Oakenfolds “Perfecto” label.

Exciting collaborations are also in the pipeline including a track with BT for his forthcoming album and further production work for his own artist album set to surface in 2012.

Simultaneously soaring and delicate, Senadee’s songs are defined by honesty. That coupled with a melodic craftsmanship that defies his background, he is able to engineer emotion through his words and themes in a way that is the envy of even the most seasoned songwriter.